Our Story

Beetanical Garden was established as a business in 2010. The beekeeping trade was passed down through the generations in our family, beginning in Europe. We saw an overwhelming need to help the struggling bees in our modern society, which brought us to the decision to dedicate our time and energy to responsible beekeeping. Our main goal at Beetanical Garden is to help increase the bee population and help the bees thrive in their natural environment. By keeping the bee hives in the Sonoran Desert away from pesticides and human interaction, our bees have a better chance at living and producing the best honey and bee products. The honey that these bees provide is an all natural raw desert honey. 


The seasonal rainfall and flowers determine when we are able to extract a multi flower desert honey. The desert has a wide range of wild flowers and flowering trees that the bees extract pollen from, including Mesquite tree blossoms, Palo verde blossoms, desert broom, buckwheat, etc. Our raw honey varies in color and texture, depending on which flowers the bees have pollinated from. 

Beetanical Garden is committed to educating our society of the importance of our pollinators and the crucial role bees play in agriculture. You can find us at local farmers markets and festivals encouraging and helping others start their own backyard hives.